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Meet Amelia

About Featherfin

Nature-based offerings of joy, community connection, and playful learning

What We Do:

Featherfin Family Services, LLC offers programs and activities that provide young children and their caregivers with unique opportunities to learn, play, and connect with the natural world and one another.


Our offerings celebrate childhood curiosity, prioritize wonder, and advocate for the health of the family unit as a key component of a community's wellbeing. We aim to foster spaces that are part education, part entertainment, and 100% ready to get to know you!

We center our work in our local community as much as possible, offering our abilities to our neighbors and embracing their gifts and skills in return.


We aim to create safe spaces for the various manifestations of humanity to come together. No matter your family design, brain or body differences, faith, political leanings, or cultural heritage, nature holds space for you and so do we.

What We Hope:

We hope that Featherfin serves as a trusted creator, producer, and host of unique and much-loved nature-based experiences for Virginia families, schools, and organizations.

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