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Interested in booking a Great Day for Nature Play program?

Please email Kim at

to discuss

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Great Day for Nature Play Nature Play Classes

for hire

Perfect for schools, libraries, museums, nature centers, and other sites or groups that provide educational programming for families and young children, Great Day for Nature Play classes offer engaging learning opportunities for children to direct their own exploration of the natural world!

Held in a public park or at your own outdoor space, our nature play classes:

  • last approximately one hour

  • are available all four seasons

  • are designed for children ages 2.5 - 8 and their parents / care providers

  • include at least 30 minutes of child-led play time plus interactive opening and closing circles with built in time for sharing and connection

  • incorporate early childhood development tips and reminders to help caregivers support the children in their care during outdoor play

  • provide all tools and supplies necessary to safely enjoy outdoor play (including a First Aid Kit with sunblock and bug spray, and access to an EpiPen)

The recommended group size is 8-15 children, with a maximum size of 20 children.


Classes themes shift in response to our natural world's four seasons. Some of our favorites include Open Air Artists; Forest Friends Obstacle Course; Oink Oink Pigsty Play; Hoppy Rabbit Love; Eager Beaver Builders, Ice Ice Babies, and Catch the Wind. 

Single Class Cost = $215 per class for a for-profit organization / $195 if a class non-profit organization
Series of 4
 or more Classes = $200 per class if a for-profit organization / $180 per class if non-profit

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Interested in booking a Say Hey to Nature Play program?


Please email Kim at to discuss.

Say Hey to Nature Play!
Parent & Educator Empowerment Presentation and Workshop


Are you an employer who wants your staff to gain a better understanding of the value of outdoor play and exploration for the children in their care? 


Or perhaps you manage a homeschool co-op and want to help the parents in your group feel more excited and confident in incorporating nature time into their activities?


If so, Featherfin Family Services can help!



In our "Say Hey to Nature Play!" presentation, we share compelling evidence of the value of regular nature exploration and play time for young children. We learn about the early childhood development science behind the brain and body benefits time outside as well as the importance of interactive, child-led, play-based learning. Throughout, we share guidance to help adults act as play facilitators for the children in their care.


If outdoor, child-led play is a new or challenging concept for your audience, this workshop will get them on board! At the end of this presentation, participants will feel eager, more committed, and more comfortable in getting children out the door and exploring in nature! 

Plus! All participants are sent home with access to a digital website that includes full explanations and instructions for 10 nature play activity activities.

Cost of Presentation Only = $170


This robust offering includes all the educational and learning content of the above presentation plus several practical, hands-on activities and extra time for reflection and Q&A.


For many adults, leading children in outdoor play is met with trepidation. Concerns about safety, messes, and a perceived lack of control are all valid concerns that deserve attention. In this Presentation + Workshop offering, we address these concerns head on and give participants opportunities to go deeper into considering how they can support outdoor nature play.


Several individual and group activities are provided, and "confidence checks" are interspersed throughout to allow participants to reflect and share their concerns and questions. Participants even will get the chance to put their new knowledge to the test by designing their very own Nature Play invitation!

This workshop is perfect for staff development or parent education at a variety of settings, including daycares, preschools and elementary schools, pediatric health clincis, park and recreation departments, and other sites invested in the healthy development of young children.

Cost of Presentation + Workshop = $280


Have a question about a program offering?
Message Us and we can chat via email or schedule a call to discuss.

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