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Terms and Conditions

Informed Consent – 


Featherfin Family Services takes reasonable steps to manage and balance risks, while at the same time allowing children to play freely in an outdoor setting. This is because we know that allowing children to take risks, both physical and mental, is essential to their development. Risky play in childhood is linked to the development of greater confidence, more self-awareness, and more willingness to weigh options and choose the best choice. We also know that eliminating risks in outdoor, natural environments is impossible.

While minor injuries like bruises, bumps and scrapes are not uncommon, serious injuries are rare, and life-changing injuries and fatalities are unlikely in the extreme. Still, as with almost any activity, indoors or outdoors, it is impossible to guarantee that they will not happen. You are required to accept this as a condition of your child’s participation.

By attending a Featherfin-hosted program, you are acknowledging your understanding and agreement with our full Informed Consent waiver, available HERE, which is linked in all program registration descriptions and available for your review prior to all events.

Refunds and Cancellations Policy

For Hire Programs (Great Day for Nature Play, Say Hey to Nature Play, Nature Play Birthday Parties, etc.)

After a booking is finalized, cancellation requests will be accepted up to 30 days before the scheduled program date with no payment due. If between 15 and 30 days before the scheduled program date, cancellations will be accepted with 50% of the program payment due according to original payment terms. If less than 15 days before the scheduled program date, cancellations will be accepted, but full payment will be due according to original payment terms.

Featherfin Family Programs
(Full Moon Families, Nature Nurturers, Nature Parent Bootcamp, etc.)

Full refunds will be issued should programs be cancelled due to weather, air quality, or instructor emergency, and programs will be re-scheduled when possible. Full refunds will be available upon request until 5 days before the program begins. Exceptions may apply and will be noted on registration form.

Payment Flexibility - 

As a mission-first business, it is important to Featherfin that we strive to limit financial barriers to participation. If it was up to us, we wouldn't need to charge a penny, in fact. Many of Featherfin's public programs therefore are free, have "Pick Your Price / Donation" pricing, or offer scholarships. 

We are also open to discussing alternative methods of payment, such as the volunteering of sweat equity, bartering of materials in exchange for program enrollment cost, etc. Please reach out if you are not able to attend a program due to your financial picture.

If you would like to make a financial contribution to help maintain our reduced cost offerings, please reach out to Kim at

Inclement Weather– 

Featherfin programs are typically held rain or shine as long as conditions are safe. (Almost) every day is a great day for Nature Play, after all!

Decisions about whether it is safe to hold programs are determined by Featherfin's class facilitator using local weather forecasts and a childcare weather chart.  Programs will be cancelled if temperatures (or feels-like temperatures) are below the upper 20s or above the upper-90s, there are weather warnings in effect, Air Quality is moderately or severely compromised, or dangerous driving conditions exist. Programs will also be cancelled if chances of thunderstorms are above 50% two hours before the program's start time. Classes that are already underway when dangerous conditions arise will be immediately cancelled.

Registered participants will be notified of cancellations at least 2 hours before each program start time by email and on our social media accounts, and (if available), text message. For walk-in programs that don't require registration, be sure to check our social media accounts for cancellations.

Scheduled programs that cannot be held outside due to inclement weather or air quality may be moved indoors if the property space and scheduled activity allows. The decision to move a program indoors must be agreed upon by both the program site host and Featherfin representative. If the program cannot be moved indoors, programs will be re-scheduled if possible. 

For hosting organizations with limited ability to reschedule programs, or for whom being able to host a program is very important, it is suggested that rain dates be booked in advance. Rain date bookings require a $50 non-refundable booking fee.

Photo Permissions - 

Photos will often be taken at Featherfin programs by program facilitators and guests. This is because both families and program facilitators really seem to love seeing photos of adorable children at play. For families, these photos often provide value captures of special moments of fun, learning, and family bonding. For facilitators, these photos are cherished as visual validation of the important and joyful work they are doing and are very helpful in marketing for future offerings. 

Some families prefer to not have photos of their children shared publicly. It is important that we respect participant privacy, and so program facilitators will always give a verbal reminder that pictures will be taken at the beginning of each new program. If you do not wish for your child's photos to possibly be used publicly, please share with your program facilitator so they can be mindful of your wishes.   

Clothing - 

Proper clothing and footwear can go far in keeping children (and adults!) comfortable and engaged in outdoor activities! Fancy "gear" isn't necessary, but knowing the basics of what types of clothing is best in different outdoor conditions is quite valuable. At a minimum, remember that closed toed shoes with secure backs and good traction on the soles can go far in preventing falls and slips (no sandals or crocs please!), layers are your best friend, and cotton is your foe in cold or hot and humid conditions.

If you as a parent or caregiver don't feel know about what type of clothing or outerwear is best for outdoor play, no problem! Feel free to ask your program facilitator for recommendations, and check out this REI Kids Outdoor Gear Guide for suggestions.

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